Talbot 202One: Ambidexterity in Chromatic Homotopy Theory

Mentored by Jacob Lurie and Tomer Schlank

October 24-30, 2021
Plymouth→Boston, MA

A syllabus prepared by the mentors is available here.

Lecture No. Speaker Title Notes
1 Jacob Lurie
2 Elizabeth Tatum
3 Andres Mejia
4 Thomas Brazelton
5 Kaif Hilman Speaker's notes
6 Songqi Han
7 Shay Ben Moshe Speaker's notes
8 David Chan
9 Ishan Levy
10 Lucy Yang
11 Jan Steinebrunner Speaker's notes
12 Yuqing Shi Speaker's notes
13 Paul VanKoughnett
14 Adela Zhang
15 Piotr Pstragowski Speaker's notes
16 Peter Haine Speaker's notes
17 Arpon Raksit
18 Tomer Schlank

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