Information on Enumerative Combinatorics

Volume 1 of Enumerative Combinatorics was published by Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole in 1986. A second printing was published by Cambridge University Press in April, 1997. The second printing differs from the first only in (a) the correction of short errors, (b) a list of errata for longer errors, and (c) some Supplementary Problems without solutions.
A paperback edition of Volume 1, second printing, is now available. It differs from the hardcover edition only in a slightly updated list of Errata and Addenda.
Volume 2 was published around January 5, 1999. A paperback edition was published in June, 2001.
Volumes 1 and 2 can be ordered online from Cambridge University Press ( volume 1 and volume 2),, or various other online book sellers.

Links to related material:

Volume 1

Table of contents for Volume 1.

Short errors (three page PostScript file) for the first printing of Volume 1 corrected in the text of the second printing.

Longer errors (eight page PostScript or PDF file) for the first printing of Volume 1, published in the second printing, hardcover edition of 1997, as Errata and Addenda on pages 319-325.

Supplementary Problems (17 page PostScript file) without solutions for Volume 1. They do not appear in the first printing and are on pages 307-318 of the second printing.

Additional corrections (ten page PostScript or PDF file; version of 10 December 2010) not found in time to include in the second printing.

Volume 1, second edition

A second edition of volume 1 has been published! (There will be no second edition of volume 2.)

Not very meaningful, but 10000 citations were achieved on Google Scholar on December 1, 2017!

Errata for volume 1, second edition (version of 2 September 2021).

Volume 2

Table of contents for Volume 2.

Excerpt (27 page PDF file) from Volume 2 on problems related to Catalan numbers (including 66 combinatorial interpretations of these numbers).

Solutions to Catalan number problems from previous link (23 page PDF file).

EC2 Supplement (version of 21 March 2020): supplementary material for Volume 2 (hardcover edition of 1999) including errata, updates, and new material (eighteen page PostScript or PDF file). Many of these corrections have been made in the paperback edition of 2001. For supplementary material not already appearing in the paperback edition, click for PDF file (thirteen pages).

Catalan addendum (Postscript or PDF) (version of 25 May 2013; 96 pages). An addendum of new problems (and solutions) related to Catalan numbers. Current number of combinatorial interpretations of Cn: 207.
Note. The material I have gathered on Catalan numbers was collected into a monograph. This will be the final version of my material on Catalan numbers. The current web page will not be updated.

Supplementary problems for Chapter 7 (symmetric functions): 62 page PDF file (version of 23 September 2021; 152 problems). New material not appearing in Volume 2. Solutions now available! Click here.

Painting by Rodica Simion to celebrate the publication of EC2. Original size: 2 3/4" x 4 1/4".

Both volumes

Some additional problems without solutions for EC1 and EC2 (version of 30 July 2017).

A concordance to all sequences appearing in EC1 and EC2, prepared by Neil Sloane.

Some fans of EC

The five steps to EC enlightenment (Fan Wei)