Roger Van Peski

I am a fifth-year graduate student at MIT, advised by Alexei Borodin, expecting to graduate in Spring 2023. Previously I was an undergraduate at Princeton. I am interested in a variety of topics in the vicinity of integrable probability, algebraic combinatorics, mathematical physics, random matrices, and representation theory.

address: MIT Building 2, room 2-231d

email: rvp at mit dot edu

CV (pdf)


Reverse chronological order of arxiv submission; links go to arxiv versions, which are updated with changes once accepted for publication (i.e. you shouldn't worry about having to go to the journal for the most current version).
  1. (with H. H. Nguyen) Universality for cokernels of random matrix products Preprint, (2022).
  2. (with P. Cohen, J. Dell, O. E. Gonzalez, G. Iyer, S. Khunger, C. H. Kwan, S. J. Miller, A. Shashkov, A. Smith Reina, C. Sprunger, N. Triantafillou, N. Truong, S. Willis, and Y. Yang) Extending support for the centered moments of the low lying zeroes of cuspidal newforms Preprint, (2022).
  3. q-TASEP with position-dependent slowing To appear in Electronic Journal of Probability.
  4. Hall-Littlewood polynomials, boundaries, and p-adic random matrices International Math Research Notices, 2022.
  5. (with A. Ahn) Lyapunov exponents for truncated unitary and Ginibre matrices To appear in Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincare.
  6. (with A. Ahn and M. Russkikh) Lozenge tilings and the Gaussian free field on a cylinder To appear in Communications in Mathematical Physics.
  7. Limits and fluctuations of p-adic random matrix products Selecta Mathematica, 27 (05):1-71 (2021).
  8. Spectral distributions of periodic random matrix ensembles Random Matrices: Theory and Applications, 10(01) 2021.
  9. (with S. DeHority, X. Gonzalez, and N. Vafa) Moonshine for all finite groups Res. Math. Sci, 5 (2018).
  10. (with O. E. Gonzalez, C. H. Kwan, S. J. Miller, and T. A. Wong) On smoothing singularities of elliptic orbital integrals on GL(n) and Beyond Endoscopy Journal of Number Theory 183 (Supplement C) (2018) 407-437.
  11. (with P. Burkhardt, P. Cohen, J. Dewitt, M. Hlavacek, S.J. Miller, C. Sprunger, Y.N. Truong Vu, and K. Yang) Random matrix ensembles with split limiting behavior Random Matrices: Theory and Applications 5 (2018) no. 3, 1850006.
  12. (with S. J. Miller, C. Peterson, and C. Sprunger) The bidirectional ballot polytope Integers: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory 18 (2018).
  13. (with V. Gupta and U. Roy) A generalization of Tokuyama's formula to the Hall-Littlewood polynomials Electronic J. Combin. 22 (2015), no. 2.

Selected talk notes, slides and recordings

For a list of all talks see CV (pdf).

Seminars co-organized

Teaching and mentoring

I am not teaching this semester. Some mentoring/outreach efforts I've been involved with and would recommend are the MIT Directed Reading Program, SPUR, UROP, GUMMI, PROMYS, Princeton Splash (but there are versions at lots of other schools as well!), Mentoring Möbius; to decode what these actually are see either my CV or the links.


In high school I spent several summers at the PROMYS program, a 6-week math summer camp, and also worked there once I got older. I highly recommend it for any high school age students who like math, or undergraduates looking for a stimulating summer job.

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