Lecture Notes

There are several new notes that were added to the lecture notes this term. Rather than keeping a list around, I'll put "-- 2007" after all the ones I've updated. Some of these are only undergoing minor changes, while others (e.g., the median) are substantial rewrites.

1.    Non-Adaptive Weighing (new as of 9/03/08), 2007 Notes, 2006 Notes and OCW notes

2.    Sorting (new 2007) and OCW notes

3.    Finding the Median: New 2007 median finding notes and OCW notes   and   Supplementary Notes

4.    Non-Adaptive Sorting: Batcher's Algorithm --2007  and   OCW notes

5.   Shannon Source Coding: Coding for Efficiency   and   OCW notes

6.    Huffman and Hu-Tucker Algorithms --2007  and   Remarks on Compression  and   Peter Shor's notes on Hu-Tucker Algorithm  and   Peter Shor's notes on Lempel-Ziv algorithm  and   OCW notes

7.    The Theory of Probability --2007  and   Supplementary Notes on Probability  and   OCW notes

8.    Coding for Error Correction: the Shannon Bound --2007  and   OCW notes

9.    Matrix Hamming Codes --2007   and   OCW notes

10.  Polynomial Codes and some lore about Polynomials --2007  and   Supplementary notes on Multiplying and Dividing on a Spreadsheet   and   OCW notes

11.  BCH Codes: Constructing them and finding the Syndrome of a Message --2007(  and   Supplementary Notes on BCH Codes  and   OCW notes

12.  Correcting Errors in BCH Codes and   OCW notes

13.  Properties and Generalizations of our BCH Codes and   OCW notes

14.  Coding For Secrecy (2007) and   OCW notes and Peter Shor's notes on implementing the Euclidean algorithm

15.  Secret Coding 2 and   OCW notes

16.  Factoring Numbers (2007) and   OCW notes

17.  The Quadratic Sieve and Elliptic Curves and   OCW notes (This is culture for 2007; you are not required to know this.)

18.  Some Graph Theory and   Peter Shor's notes on Kuratowski's theorem (revised 2007) and   Remarks on Kuratowski's Planarity Theorem  and   OCW notes

19.  Planarity and Coloring and   Matching Problems and   OCW notes

20.  Counting Trees and   OCW notes and Peter Shor's notes on counting trees (2007; preliminary version)

21.  Symmetries and   OCW notes

22.  Counting Patterns and   OCW notes

22.  Generating Functions

23.  The Finite Fourier Transform and   OCW notes

24.  FFT and Multiplication of Numbers and   Notes on FFT and Spreadsheet Implementation and   Peter Shor's notes on the FFT and   OCW notes

25.  Sequential Choice

26 and 27  Linear Programming and   OCW notes - Background and Theory and   OCW notes - More Theory and Applications

28.  Duality in Linear Programming and   Supplementary Notes on Linear Programming and   Peter Shor's Notes on Duality and   OCW notes

29.  Matching

30.  Strassen's Fast Multiplication of Matrices, Algorithm and Spreadsheet Matrix Multiplications and   OCW notes