Some lectures

  • Talk at the retirement celebration for Albrecht Dold and Dieter Puppe, May 1996.

  • Colloquium at Princeton, April 1997.

  • "Elliptic moduli in algebraic topology," notes from a lecture at the Bonn Arbeitstagung in June 1997.

  • Notes from a talk at Boston College, November 2000.

  • Notes for a lecture in a summer seminar on the Kervaire invariant in 2009 at MIT on a proof (with Jean Lannes) of Browder's theorem using characteristic numbers for manifolds with corners.

  • "The norm functor and MU^{((G))}," In Hot Topics: Kervaire Invariant, MSRI 25 Oct 2010: conference lecture.

  • Seminaire Bourbaki slides and writeup on Hill, Hopkins, and Ravenel's work on Kervaire Invariant One, November 2010.

  • Andre memorial conference, Lausanne, May, 2011: slides.

  • Notes for a talk on chromatic homotopy theory at the Copenhagen Centre for Symmetry and Deformation, May, 2011.

  • "Some local computations in homotopy theory," notes from a talk at the Bendersky Birthday Conference, Princeton, March, 2015.

  • "Localization in homotopy theory," the Kepler Lecture, University of Regensburg, July 2, 2015: notes.

  • "Some homological localization theorems," talk at Homotopy Theory: Tools and Applications, UIUC, 17 July 2017: slides and video.

  • "Some things I learned from Doug: The origins of chromatic homotopy theory," Homotopy Theory in the Ecliptic, Reed College 7 Nov 2017: video.

  • "Speculations around the immersion conjecture," notes from a talk in the Thursday seminar at Harvard, April 2019.

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