18.455: Advanced Combinatorial Optimization, Spring 2020

Instructor: Michel Goemans.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30AM-11:00AM. Was in 4-149, and now in zoom.

This page: https://math.mit.edu/18.455

Office hour: by appointment or here

In this course, we will be covering a range of topics in combinatorial optimization. A partial/preliminary list of topics include:

Assignments. There will be at most 4 problem sets.

Textbook and lecture notes. The best reference on the subject is the 3-volume book by Lex Schrijver "Combinatorial Optimization: Polyhedra and Efficiency" (available in the libraries) published by Springer. This is optional (as I don't follow it closely). I will try my best to provide some lecture notes (often from past scribed notes from students).