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MIT Lie Groups Seminar

2007 - 2008

Fall 2007

  • Sept 26

    David Vogan

    Single-petaled $K$-types and Weyl group representations (after Hiroshi Oda)

  • Sept 27

    Paul Sally
    (University of Chicago)

    Supercuspidal Representations from Mautner to Kim-Yu and Stevens.

  • Oct 3

    Chuying Fang

    Ad-nilpotent ideals for complex and real reductive Lie algebras.

    Followed by dinner.

  • Oct 10

    John Stembridge
    (University of Michigan)

    Admissible W-graphs.

    Joint meeting with the Combinatorics seminar

    Followed by dinner.

  • Oct 17

    Wiener Lecture by Assaf Naor

  • Oct 24

    George Lusztig

    Canonical bases and construction of Chevalley groups over a commutative ring.

  • Oct 31

    Dmitry Boyarchenko
    (University of Chicago)

    Characters of unipotent groups over finite fields

    Followed by dinner.

  • Nov 7

    Kobi Kremnizer

    Quantum localization

  • Nov 14

    David Vogan

    Bruhat order on representations of real reductive groups.

  • Nov 21

    Jerin Gu

    Single-petaled K-types for classical groups.

  • Nov 28

    Vyacheslav Futorny
    (University of Sao Paulo)

    Galois algebras: structure, representations, and applications

  • Dec 5

    Bertram Kostant

    Abelian ideals in the Borel, and the generalization of the Amitsur-Levitzki Theorem

  • Dec 12
    Talk at 4:15 in 2-142

    Arkady Berenstein
    (University of Oregon)

    From generic crystals to crystal bases

    Joint meeting with the MIT combinatorics seminar

Spring 2008

Meets on Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 in Room 2-142


Contact: Roman Bezrukavnikov
Ju-Lee Kim
Zhiwei Yun