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MIT Lie Groups Seminar

2006 - 2007

Fall 2006

  • Sept 13

    David Vogan

    How many jellybeans are in that jar?

  • Sept 20

    George Lusztig

    Sheaves on G/P

  • Sept 27

    Bertram Kostant

    On a theorem of Harm Derksen and further progress on the determination of U(g)K.

  • Oct 4

    David Vogan

    How many jellybeans are in that jar? (continued)

  • Oct 11

    No seminar

    The combinatorics seminar might be of interest

  • Oct 18

    George Lusztig

    Intertwining operators over finite fields

  • Oct 25

    Alexander Braverman
    (Brown University)

    Pursuing the double affine Grassmannian

    Followed by dinner.

  • Nov 1

    Catharina Stroppel
    (University of Glasgow)

    From KL cells to the rough structure of generalized Verma modules via categorification.

    Followed by dinner.

  • Nov 8

    Ju-Lee Kim
    (MIT and UIC)

    Classification of smooth representations of p-adic groups

  • Nov 15

    Ben Brubaker

    On Some Applications of Lie Group Representations to Number Theory

  • Nov 22

    Possible observance of Thanksgiving holiday

  • Nov 29

    No speaker as of now

  • Dec 6

    Roman Bezrukavnikov

    Tensor categories and character sheaves (after Finkelberg and Ostrik)

  • Dec 13

    JuLee Kim

    Supercuspidal representations I

  • Dec 20

    JuLee Kim

    Supercuspidal representations II

Spring 2007

Meets on Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 in Room 2-132


Contact: Roman Bezrukavnikov
Ju-Lee Kim
Zhiwei Yun