Welcome! This is the homepage for the Computational Research in Boston and Beyond (CRIBB) seminar series. Our goal is to provide a forum for interactions among scientists and engineers throughout the Boston area working on a range of computational problems. This forum consists of a monthly seminar where individuals present their work.

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Organizers : 2024

Dr. Patrick Dreher (MIT - Laboratory for Nuclear Science)
Professor Alan Edelman (MIT - Math & CSAIL)
Dr. Chris Hill (MIT - Earth and Atmospheric Science)
Professor Steven G. Johnson (MIT - Math & RLE)
Dr. Jeremy Kepner (MIT - Lincoln Laboratory)
Dr. Albert Reuther (MIT - Lincoln Laboratory)

Meetings : 2024

Meetings are held on the first Friday of the month from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, and will be virtual via ZOOM. | Meeting ID: 961 5504 2770

Jan 5

Rahul Sahay (Harvard)

Quantum Spin Lakes: Non-Equilibrium Spin Liquids for Near-Term Quantum Devices

Feb 2

Krystian Ganko (MIT)

System Identification of Continuous Time Compartment Models using the Neural Chemical Langevin Equation

Mar 1

Nishad Maskara (Harvard University)

Programmable Simulations of Molecules and Materials with Reconfigurable Quantum Processors

Apr 5

NO CRIBB Presentation today

May 3

NO CRIBB Presentation today

Jun 7

Lucas Attia (MIT)

Revealing the molecular origins of surface condition-dependent nanoparticle structure using classical molecular simulations

Jul 5

NO CRIBB Presentation today

Aug 2

Sep 6

Sertac Karaman (MIT)

Oct 4

Nov 1

Dec 6



We thank the generous support of MIT IS&T, CSAIL, and the Department of Mathematics for their support of this series.

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