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Organizers : 2021

Dr. Patrick Dreher (MIT - Laboratory for Nuclear Science)
Professor Alan Edelman (MIT - Math & CSAIL)
Dr. Chris Hill (MIT - Earth and Atmospheric Science)
Professor Steven G. Johnson (MIT - Math & RLE)
Dr. Jeremy Kepner (MIT - Lincoln Laboratory)
Dr. Albert Reuther (MIT - Lincoln Laboratory)

Meetings : 2021

Meetings will be held on the first Friday of the month at the MIT Campus in Room: 32-144 . The meetings will begin at 12:00pm, and pizza will be provided. Upcoming talks are listed below - some will be virtual via ZOOM: | Meeting ID: 961 5504 2770

Feb 5

Miriam Anne Kreher (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

"Computational Analysis of Nuclear Reactor Transients"

Mar 5

Kevin Silmore (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

"Buckling, Crumpling, and Tumbling of Semiflexible Sheets in Simple Shear Flow"

Apr 2

Siddharth Sami and Vijay Gadepally (MIT-Lincoln Laboratory)

"An Open Datacenter Dataset for AI Enabled Optimization"

May 7

Peter James Ahrens (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

"On Optimal Partitioning for Variable Block Row Format"

Jun 4

Kurt Keville (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

"Big Memory servers and modern approaches to disk-based computation"

Jul 2

Special Institute Holiday

Jul 23

Steven Torrisi (Harvard University)

"Which parts matter? Interpretable random forest models for X-Ray absorption spectra"

Aug 6

Jenny Coulter (Harvard University)

"Phoebe: A new open-source package for Electrical and Thermal materials transport predictions from first-principles"

Oct 1

Kaley Brauer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

"Galactic Archaeology: Investigating Galactic Evolution through Ancient Stars & Galaxies"

Nov 5

Jake Bringewatt (University of Maryland)

"Lefschetz Thimble Quantum Monte Carlo for Spin Systems"

Dec 3

William Moses (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

"Enzyme: High-Performance, Cross-Language, and Parallel Automatic Differentiation"



We thank the generous support of MIT IS&T, CSAIL, and the Department of Mathematics for their support of this series.

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