Some education papers and notes

  • "Changing practices in teaching and learning at MIT," .pdf, a white paper written for the Task Force on the Undergraduate Commons, December, 2005.

  • "Initial conditions, generalized functions, and the Laplace transform," .pdf, with Kent Lundberg and David Trumper, has appeared: IEEE Control Systems Magazine 27 (2007) 22--35.

  • "Computer-assisted explorations in mathematics: pedagogical adaptations across the Atlantic," .pdf, with Suzanne Greenwald, in University Collaboration for Innovation: Lessons from the Cambridge-MIT Institute, Sense Publishers, 2007, pp 121-131: a report on the development of CATAM at Cambridge University and the Mathematics Project Laboratory at MIT.

  • Handout for 2007 Science and Engineering Program for Teachers talk, "Knots and Numbers," .pdf. And here are the slides.

  • "Computer manipulatives in an ordinary differential equations course: development, implementation, and assessment," with Deborah Upton, .pdf, Journal of Science Education and Technology 17 (2008) 124--137: a report on the development of the d'Arbeloff Interactive Mathematics Project's Mathlets.

  • "Legendre transform in two-dimensional thermodyamics," .pdf, a summary of thermodyamics of a single species, as background for a treatment of Legendre transform in advanced calculus.

  • "Interactive applets in calculus and engineering courses," .pdf with Heidi Burgiel, Chad Lieberman, and Karen Willcox, in {\em Enhancing Mathematics Understanding through Visualization: the Role of Dynamical Software}, edited by Samer Habre, IGI Global, May, 2013, pp. 127--144.

  • "A laboratory course in mathematics," .pdf with Kathy Lin, published in "New directions for Mathematics Research Experiences for Undergraduates," here.

  • Here are Supplementary Notes from the Spring, 2012, version of 18.03, Differential Equations.

  • "Crosslinks: Improving course connectivity using online open educational resources," .pdf with Karen Willcox and Luwen Huang, The Bridge, vol 46 issue 3, Fall 2016, pp 38--44.

  • "Open Education Resources: Past, present and future," .pdf with Eric Klopfer and Karen Willcox, The Bridge, vol 46 issue 3, Fall 2016, pp 3--4.

  • "Language, technology, and engagement in the Haitian classroom: An interim report on the MIT-Haiti Initiative," here.

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