Marisa Gaetz helps launch Brave Behind Bars program

Math PhD student Marisa Gaetz is one of the co-founders of Brave Behind Bars, a pilot program based out of The Educational Justice Institute at MIT (TEJI). The program provides an introductory computer science and career-readiness program for incarcerated women. “[The students] seemed much more inspired to learn when it’s something that’s dear to your heart, rather […]

Carina Hong and Alexandra Hoey Receive 2022 Alice T. Schafer Honors

The Association for Women in Mathematics announced that Letong “Carina” Hong, a math and physics double major, won the 2022 Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize for excellence in mathematics by an undergraduate woman. In addition, Mathematics major Alexandra Hoey was awarded honorable mention. Alexandra participated in the MIT Summer Program in Undergraduate Research and spent two summers at the University […]

Marisa Gaetz ’20 receives Lusztig Mentor award

Mathematics graduate student Marisa Gaetz ’20 received  the 2022 George Lusztig Mentorship for exceptional mentor service. Marisa is a PRIMES Circle coordinator and DPR mentor. Her studies center around representation theory and Lie theory. As an undergraduate at MIT, where she graduated in 2020, Marisa was a PRIMES Circle mentor for three years. As a grad student, she was a DRP mentor […]

The MIT Women’s Forum

The MIT Women’s Forum was born 50 years ago this month, during the second annual Independent Activities Period. In January 1972, Professor Emily Wick joined Professor Mildred Dresselhaus (pictured, teaching a class around the same period) in planning an IAP seminar to discuss the status of women at MIT at the time. About 100 women […]