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Exploring pandemic response through a coded simulation

When MIT seniors Therese Mills (mathematics) and Tuyet Pham (electrical engineering and computer science) started working together in late spring 2020, they were just settling into post-pandemic routines. In March, MIT had sent most students home due to Covid-19, and all nonessential faculty and staff were working remotely. Suddenly, the terrain of higher ed looked […]

Meet MIT student Rona Wang — writer, mathematician and computer scientist

In Los Angeles Times High School Insider’s first women in STEM podcast, Stories from a STEMinist, MIT undergraduate Rona Wang shares about her high school and college experiences as a writer, mathematician, and computer scientist.  Read more in the Los Angeles Times.

Grace Smith Interns for India-based Ek Kadam Aur Foundation for Education and Health

Sophomore Grace Smith, a double major in math and computer science and engineering, worked as a remote intern for India-based Ek Kadam Aur Foundation for Education and Health. Smith was connected to Ek Kadam Aur through the MIT International Service and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) MIT-India program. MISTI offers MIT students internship, research, and teaching opportunities […]

Lisa Piccirillo Awarded 2021 Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize in Mathematics

Assistant Professor Lisa Piccirillo was selected for an inaugural 2021 Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize, created in 2019 by the Breakthrough Foundation to recognize outstanding early-career women in mathematics. Lisa is cited for “resolving the classic problem that the Conway knot is not smoothly slice.” She was also recently named one of this year’s WIRED25 for “People Who Are Making […]

Adela Zhang receives PRIMES mentorship

Adela (YiYu) Zhang was among three recipients of the 2021 George Lusztig Mentorships. She is a PhD student with research interests in algebraic topology and homotopy theory. When she was an undergraduate at MIT, she was a PRIMES Circle mentor for two years. In grad school, she has worked with students in PRIMES, RSI, and […]

Math Prize for Girls event held virtually

At MIT’s October Math Prize for Girls event, this year held virtually, 307 students from around the country. The weekend featured a panel talk moderated by Dr. Ranu Boppana ’87, and featuring four Math Prize alumnae, including mathematics and computer science major Rona Wang ’22. A 2015 Math Prize alum, Wang shared her experience: “In […]

Senior Elizabeth T shares about MIT life on Instagram

Majoring in 18 (@MITMath) with minors in finance (15-3) and ancient and medieval studies (AMS), senior Elizabeth T. will be sharing more on her campus involvement, @MIT life in general, and what she’s currently up to! Follow her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/mitstudents/

Lisa Piccirillo named to Wired25

Read about “Meet This Year’s WIRED25: People Who Are Making Things Better” on Wired.com.

Professor Lisa Piccirillo and Nina Holden PhD ’18 honored by Breakthrough Prize Foundation

Read more at the MIT News.

Scholarships at MIT: Carolina Ortega ’21 Savors Every Opportunity

At 13, Carolina Ortega ’21 was one of only three girls participating in her native Colombia’s Mathematics Olympiad. She admired the other two, both high school seniors heading to the International Mathematical Olympiad, and when she heard the following year that both were studying in Massachusetts, “that’s when I discovered there was a place called […]