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“This is the type of life that I want”

Poet, student advocate, and math/physics double-major Catherine Ji is living boldly at MIT. Growing up in Idaho, Catherine Ji found herself with a lot of time to write. “Idaho is a great environment for writing because it’s isolated and there’s a bunch of nature,” says Ji. “I wrote so much poetry — a lot of […]

Female mathematicians awarded at JMM 2023

Several members of the Department of Mathematics community were recognized for their achievements at the recent Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston. CLE Moore instructor Jia Shi received the Association for Women in Mathematics’ Dissertation Prize for her thesis that “proves major results on two separate topics in fluid mechanics, a hard classical field.”   The association also awarded its […]

‘Mother of Internet’ Radia Perlman ’73, SM ’76, PhD ’88 receives IEEE Eric E. Sumner Award

Radia Perlman ’73, SM ’76, PhD ’88 (Mathematics, EECS), received the IEEE Eric E. Sumner Award “for contributions to Internet routing and bridging protocols.” Currently a Dell EMC  Fellow, she is best known for her invention of the algorithm behind STP, the Spanning Tree Protocol, which solved a challenging information routing problem and earned her […]

Carina Hong ’22 Honored With Morgan Prize

Letong (Carina) Hong ’22 will receive the 2023 AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student, for proving a number of results and solving conjectures in combinatorics, number theory, and probability. Carina, a double major in courses 18 and 8 and the former president of the Undergraduate Mathematics Association, is […]

Math enthusiasts take aim at STEM glass ceiling

A good math problem is like a walled, secret garden, according to Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) head and MIT Professor Asu Ozdaglar, who was addressing an audience of middle and high school female-identifying mathematics contestants at the 14th annual Math Prize for Girls (MP4G) event. “Many people walking around the outside never attempt to […]

Patterns in Integers May 21-26, 2023

For more information, go to www.ias.edu/math/wam/events/2023-program-women-and-mathematics

Wiggling toward bio-inspired machine intelligence

Juncal Arbelaiz Mugica is a native of Spain, where octopus is a common menu item. However, Arbelaiz appreciates octopus and similar creatures in a different way, with her research into soft-robotics theory.  More than half of an octopus’ nerves are distributed through its eight arms, each of which has some degree of autonomy. This distributed sensing […]

Juncal Arbelaiz earns Schmidt Science Fellowship

International award supports early-career scientists and engineers as they pursue interdisciplinary works. Juncal Arbelaiz is a PhD candidate in applied mathematics at MIT, who is completing her doctorate this summer. Her doctoral research at MIT is advised by Ali Jadbabaie, the JR East Professor of Engineering and head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; […]

Maryna Viazovska earns the Fields Medal

MIT Math’s Henry Cohn gave the Laudatio for Ukrainian mathematician Maryna Viazovska, a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology professor who earned the Fields Medal for her theorems on sphere packing. She is also only the second woman ever to win the Fields Medal, after Stanford mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani in 2014. “I feel sad that I’m only […]

Ananya Gurumurthy and Omomayowa A. Songonuga Recognized by 2022 MIT Awards Convocation

Ananya Gurumurthy ’23, at left, received MIT’s William L. Stewart Jr. Award for outstanding contributions to extracurricular activities and events. Omomayowa A. Songonuga ’22 received the Ronald E. McNair Scholarship Award established in Dr. McNair’s honor by the Black Alumni/ae of MIT, to recognize a Black undergraduate who has demonstrated strong academic performance and who has made a considerable […]