Marisa Gaetz helps launch Brave Behind Bars program

Photo of Marisa Gaetz and Martin Nisser standing together and smiling
Left to right: Marisa Gaetz, a mathematics PhD student, poses with Martin Nisser, a PhD student in electrical engineering and computer science and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The two are co-founders of Brave Behind Bars, a computing education program for incarcerated women.
MIT News Photo: Dishita Turakhia

Math PhD student Marisa Gaetz is one of the co-founders of Brave Behind Bars, a pilot program based out of The Educational Justice Institute at MIT (TEJI). The program provides an introductory computer science and career-readiness program for incarcerated women.

“[The students] seemed much more inspired to learn when it’s something that’s dear to your heart, rather than something that’s just kind of abstract and distant,” Gaetz says in an interview with WGBH.

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