MIT-Harvard-MSR Combinatorics Seminar


Administrative Assistant: Shirley Entzminger,

Time and Location: Please check the Google calendar below for the definitive schedule.

The default location (unless otherwise indicated in the calendar) is MIT Room 2-139.

Most talks occur on Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:05pm or 4:15 pm.

Some talks take place at Harvard -- see calendar for details.

There may not be a talk every Wednesday/Friday. Please see the calendar below for a listing of events. You can subscribe to the mailing list below for talk announcements including last minute changes.


Calendar Subscription

One can easily configure many different applications (Google Calendar, Apple's iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, KOrganizer, Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry Calendar, etc.) to automatically show the seminar schedule. You just need to subscribe to the iCalendar feed in your favorite calendar:

ICS File

How to

Google Calendar

iCal on Mac OS X

Email List

The combinatorics email list is now here: Subscribe to Email List

For Visitors

MIT: You can view an on-line map of MIT, highlighting building 2.

Harvard: The Harvard Science Center is located at 1 Oxford Street, Cambridge

MSR: Microsoft Research is located at 1 Memorial Drive, two blocks from the MIT Mathematics Department along Memorial Drive towards the Longfellow Bridge. Upon arrival, please check-in at the lobby security desk (be prepared to show photo ID) and proceed up one floor. The conference room is located on the left past the reception desk.

For Speakers

Your talk should be 50 minutes. There will be additional time for questions and discussions.


Please email your host (and cc: Shirley Entzminger, a title and abstract (either in plain text or LaTeX) at least two weeks before your talk.

Our facilities are equipped with:

Speakers planning to use a computer projector must provide their own laptop and adapter, if necessary.

Parking passes are available if you intend to arrive before 3 pm; please contact an organizer one week prior to your visit if you require a pass.


All announcements since Fall 2007 are in the Google Calendar