Principal Investigator

Affiliated research scientists

Instructors and Postdocs

Graduate Students


  • Jiawei Chiu, now at Google
  • Vincent Jugnon, now at General Electric, France
  • Hyoungsu Baek, now at Saudi Aramco
  • Rosalie Belanger-Rioux, now at Harvard University
  • Paul Hand, now at Northeastern U (tenure track)
  • Matt Li, now at MIT, UQ group
  • Nam Nguyen, now at IBM TJ Watson
  • Xiangxiong Zhang, now at Purdue University (tenure track)
  • Russell Hewett, now at Virginia Tech (tenure track)
  • Shev MacNamara, now at University of New South Wales
  • Stephen Shank, now at Temple University
  • Cris Cecka, now at Nvidia
  • Laurent Seppecher, now at ENS Lyon
  • Leonardo Zepeda-Nunez, now at U Wisconsin (tenure track)
  • Elita Li, now at Purdue University (tenured)
  • Vlad Voroninski, now at
  • Augustin Cosse, now at ENS Ulm
  • Niels Grobbe, now at U Hawaii (tenure track)
  • Dima Batenkov, now at Tel Aviv U (tenure track)
  • Matt Li, now at MIT, UQ group
  • Hongyu Sun, now at Caltech
  • Pawan Bharadwaj, now at IIS (tenure-track)
  • Chenguang Zhang, now at Polytechnique Montreal
  • Adrien Scheuer, now at Siemens, Belgium