Notes, software, and other links

  • Class notes and videos:

    Notes on Waves and imaging (graduate, September 2017).
         Accompanying videos from an MSRI summer school.
    Notes on Intro numerical analysis (undergraduate, April 2014).
    My Youtube channel :
         Playlist on differential equations (undergraduate)

  • PySIT

    The group's software platform for seismic inversion, in Python.

  • CurveLab

    Software for the curvelet transform both in C++ and Matlab; papers and links related to curvelets.

  • WaveAtom

    Software for the wave atom transform both in C++ and Matlab; papers related to wave atoms. If the main site is blocked by your Internet provider, here is a mirror.

  • YAWTB, Yet Another Wavelet Toolbox!

    Various types of Continuous Wavelet Transforms (CWT), released under GPL. In Matlab with C++ mexfiles. Includes isotropic and directional spherical wavelet transforms.

  • DSC

    The Discrete Symbol Calculus toolbox is available in Matlab. In collaboration with Lexing Ying. Anyone interested should contact us directly for the source files.

  • numNLS

    This Matlab Software reproduces the experiments in this paper. It contains, among others, routines for a spectrally accurate discretization of the Poisson kernel in 3D; as well as the modified Petviashvili's iteration to solve for the soliton in some nonlinear PDE. To install under Unix, place the archive in the folder of your choice and extract the files with the command tar xvf numNLS-1.0.tar. There are currently seven matlab files in this archive. The main file is main.m and will start a (lengthy) eigenvalue computation. Help for any of these files can be obtained, as usual, by typing help filename at the Matlab prompt.

  • Books on wavelets

    In the past I maintained a listing of books on wavelets, including a few reviews and regular updates on new and upcoming books. Not many new books have been published on that topic recently...