Talbot 2010: Twisted K-Theory and Loop Groups

Mentored by Constantin Teleman.

May 23 to May 29, 2010.
Breckenridge, Colorado

Some Links

MIT Pre-Talbot Workshop (part of JuviTop 2010).

The 2010 Talbot wiki.

Below are some very preliminary references for the 2010 Talbot workshop.


  • Hatcher, Vector bundles and K-theory. On his webpage.
  • Atiyah, K-theory.
  • Segal, Equivariant K-theory (IHES 69?)
  • Atiyah-Segal, Completion theorem (J Diff Geom 84?)
  • FHT (=Freed-Hopkins-Teleman) 1, Appendix for K-theory of stacks (arxiv)

Twistings and twisted K-theory:

  • Donovan-Karoubi IHES (torsion twistings)
  • Carey et al, CMP early 2000's
  • Atiyah-Segal 1,2
  • FHT -- Complex equivariant K-theory, J Topology
  • FHT 1,2,3
  • Freed's ICM lecture
  • Ando, Blumberg, Hopkins et al: units in ring spectra

Loop groups, representations, CFT:

  • Pressley-Segal;
  • Kac, for lie algebras esp. twisted affine algebras if covered
  • Segal's notes on CFT (Proceedings of 2002 conference)
  • Segal's paper for loops in torus (?? refs)
  • I. Frenkel: Orbital theory for affine Lie algebras. Invent. Math. 77 (1984)

Additional Topics:

  • Grojnowski-Rosu-Ando et al for equivariant elliptic cohomology over C?
  • Jacob if anything available? (But Jacob would cover that anyway)

Open-closed theory, Landau-Ginzburg potentials: To be added depending on how much we cover

Gauged string topology: If a paper available, perhaps me or one of my students

Relation to Chern-Simons:

  • Freed-Hopkins-Lurie-Teleman for the torus (arxiv)
  • Bartels-Douglas-Henriques conformal nets (arxiv)