Date Mar. 3, 2006
Speaker Roger Germundsson (Wolfram Research)
Topic How We Develop Algorithms for Mathematica
Abstract Over the past five years there has been a dramatic increase in the rate of algorithm production at Wolfram Research (much for as-yet-unreleased versions of Mathematica). This talk will discuss the methods and strategy behind this. A core part is the Mathematica symbolic language which enables high-level interfaces, which can stay invariant across different versions of the system while still enabling lots of innovation of the underlying algorithms. It also enables universal connectivity between functionality, perhaps from different domains or with very different structures. This means what makes Mathematica productive for users -- high-level interfaces, universal connectivity and rich web of interconnected algorithms also makes it a productive algorithm development environment for developers. The talk will use examples from numeric, symbolic, graphic and parallel computation.
Biography Roger Germundsson has been Director of Research & Development at Wolfram Research since 1997.



We thank the generous support of MIT IS&T, CSAIL, and the Department of Mathematics for their support of this series.

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