Applied Math Colloquium

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Academic Year 2019-2020

Most talks are at 4:15pm in Room 2-190 unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker / Abstract
Mon Sep. 16

Jörn Dunkel (MIT)

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Soft Matter and Active Fluids

Mon Sep. 23

Mona Singh (Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University)

Algorithms for deciphering disease networks

Mon Oct. 7

Mauro Maggioni (Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins)

Learning Interaction laws in and agent-based systems

Mon Oct. 28

Catherine Sulem (Professor of Mathematics, University of Toronto)

Bloch theory and spectral gaps for linearized water waves

Mon Nov. 4

Moses Charikar (Stanford University)

Approximating Profile Maximum Likelihood E ciently: New Bounds on the Bethe Permanent

Mon Nov. 18

Radu Balan (University of Maryland)

Permutation Invariant Representations and Graph Deep Learning

Mon Nov. 25

Benjamin Seibold (Temple University)

Understanding How Vehicle Automation Changes Traffic Flow Patterns

Mon Dec. 2

Grant Sanderson (3Blue1Brown)

Communicating Math Online

Mon Feb. 24

Herbert Hupper (University of Cambridge)

Stokes drift over coral layers: theory, field confirmation and biological significance

Mon Mar. 9 (Cancelled)

Weinan E (Princeton)

A mathematical perspective of machine learning

Mon Mar. 16 (Cancelled)
Mon Mar. 30 (Cancelled)
Mon Apr. 6 (Cancelled)

Sayan Mukherjee (Duke)

Mon Apr. 13 (Cancelled)

Graeme Milton (University of Utah)

Mon Apr. 27 (Cancelled)

Sté​phane Jaffard (Université Paris-Est Créteil)

Mon May 4 (Cancelled)

Wojtek Czaja (Maryland)