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Mathematician Finds Balance and Beauty in Math

Zhiwei Yun

"It was a feeling of solving something that most people couldn’t solve, I think, that triggered my interest," said Zhiwei Yun, of being in third grade when he discovered an interest in math. Read about Zhiwei's transition into math research, why he came to MIT, and more in the MIT News.

Fellowships to Recent PhDs Forrow and Slomka

Jonasz Slomka, Aden Forrow and their advisor Jörn Dunkel New math PhDs Jonasz Slomka, left, and Aden Forrow, right, (flanking their advisor Jörn Dunkel) have been awarded prestigious postdoctoral fellowships.

Aden was awarded an 1851 Research Fellowship by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. Previous recipients include Paul Dirac and Peter Higgs. Aden will pursue his research program in applied mathematics at the University of Oxford. Aden worked with Jörn on “Functional Control of Network Dynamics Using Designed Laplacian Spectra,” published December 7, 2018, in Physical Review X.

Jonasz was awarded an ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship, and will be hosted by the group of Prof. Roman Stocker, a former MIT math instructor. Jonasz and Jörn collaborated on mirror-symmetry breaking and turbulence in active fluids, published in PNAS and Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

Congratulations Jonasz, Aden, and Jörn!

PRIMES Alum Earns Morgan Prize

Ravi Jagadeesan

PRIMES alumnus Ravi Jagadeesan uses his bagel to explain the concept of a Riemann surface as part of his 2013 PRIMES presentation. Now a PhD student at Harvard, he received the 2019 AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student. In his acceptance note, Ravi thanked PRIMES and Pavel Etingof.

Congratulations Ravi!

PRIMES Names Lusztig Mentors

Lusztig Mentors From left, Christian Gaetz, Zhulin Li, Chris Ryba, and Professor George Lusztig, at our Mathematics Department Winter Social.

For the upcoming year, Christian Gaetz, Zhulin Li, and Chris Ryba have been selected as 2019 George Lusztig PRIMES mentors.

Christian has served as a PRIMES, DRP, and UROP+ mentor since 2017. His PRIMES student Ayush Agarwal is a 2018 Regeneron STS scholar.

Zhulin has served as a PRIMES, RSI, and DRP mentor since January 2017.

Chris has served as a PRIMES and UROP+ mentor since 2017. His PRIMES student Mihir Singhal is a 2018 Regeneron STS scholar.

Congratulations to Christian, Zhulin, and Chris, and thank you Professor George Lusztig for making the Lusztig mentorship possible!

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