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Five Are Named 2019 AMS Fellows

Bonnie Berger Larry Guth Elchanan Mossel

Zhiwei Yun Wei Zhang

Bonnie Berger, Larry Guth, Elchanan Mossel, Zhiwei Yun, and Wei Zhang were among 65 mathematical scientists selected for the 2019 Class of American Mathematical Society Fellows.

They were recognized for “outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics,” with the following citations:

  • Bonnie Berger for contributions to computational biology, bioinformatics, algorithms, and for mentoring;
  • Larry Guth for contributions to harmonic analysis, combinatorics, and geometry, and for exposition of high-level mathematics;
  • Elchanan Mossel for contributions to probability, combinatorics, computing, and especially the interface between them;
  • Zhiwei Yun for contributions to geometry, number theory, and representation theory, including his construction of motives with exceptional Galois groups;
  • Wei Zhang for contributions to number theory, algebraic geometry, and geometric representation theory.

Congratulations Bonnie, Larry, Elchanan, Zhiwei, and Wei!

PRIMES Student Wins Broadcom Math Prize

Espen Slettnes

PRIMES-USA student intern Espen Slettnes won first place in Mathematics at 2018 Broadcom MASTERS, a national science and engineering competition for middle-school students.

Espen is a home-schooled eighth grader from Castro Valley, California, who presented at the PRIMES conference in May. Espen’s project was "Minimal Embedding Dimensions of Rectangle k-Visibility Graphs," under mentor Jesse Geneson PhD ’15. Jesse and Espen will also have asteroids named in their honor by MIT Lincoln Lab, as part of the Ceres Connection program.

“Our PRIMES students continue to win all the top awards in the country, and they are getting even younger!” said Department Head Michel Goemans. “Congrats to Espen (and Jesse), and to Slava Gerovitch, Tanya Khovanova, and Pavel Etingof for creating and directing such an amazing, highly successful math enrichment program.”

Chenyang Xu Wins New Horizons Prize

Chenyang Xu

Chenyang Xu will receive a 2019 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize for his work on the Minimal Model Program in algebraic geometry.

The "early-career" version of the Breakthrough Prize is awarded to promising junior researchers who have already produced important work in mathematics.

Prior to joining our department this year, Chenyang was a professor at the Beijing International Center of Mathematical Research. He recently spoke at ICM 2018, and was awarded China’s inaugural Future Science Prize in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2017.

Previous MIT recipients of the New Horizons Prize in Mathematics are Larry Guth in 2016, and Wei Zhang and Zhiwei Yun in 2018.

Read more about the winners and where to watch the awards ceremony at the MIT News.

Vadim Gorin Receives Young Scientist Prize

Vadmin Gorin

Vadim Gorin earned the 2018 Young Scientist Prize of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.

The award, received in July at International Association of Mathematical Physics’ International Congress on Mathematical Physics, in Montreal, Canada, is “for his groundbreaking work on the universality of local correlations in random tilings and nonintersecting random walks, and the discovery of locally interacting particle systems linked to random matrix ensembles.”

Congratulations Vadim!

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