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Gerald Sacks

Gerald Sacks

Room off-campus
Phone x3-4381

Emeritus Professor of Mathematical Logic
Mathematical Logic, Recursion Theory, Computational Set Theory

Gerald Sacks served on the MIT Mathematics Faculty from 1967-2006. He joined the Harvard mathematics faculty in a joint appointment in 1972, where he continues to teach and do research. In 1961, Professor Sacks received the PhD from Cornell University under the supervision of J. Barkley Rosser. Following a year at the Institute for Advanced Study, he joined the Cornell mathematics faculty before coming to MIT.

Professor Sacks is a major figures in mathematical logic and recursion theory, a precursor of computer science. In 1994, the Sacks Prize was established in honor of Professor Sack's research and unique success as a graduate advisor. Awarded annually by the Association for Symbolic Logic, it is given for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation in the field.


Erdös Number: 3
Einstein Number: 5