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Main Department Offices

Interim Department Head, Michel Goemans
Assistant to the Department Head, Dennis Porche
Associate Head for Education, John Bush


Grants, financial matters, visitors, visas, supplies, coffee

Human Resources Coordinator, Kim DeMayo
Financial Administrator, Gabrielle Ceriales
Administrative Assistant II, Rosalee Zammuto
Financial Assistant II, Susan Ferguson
Senior Financial Assistant, Tiara Smallwood
Special Projects Assistant, Cesar Duarte
Communications Assistant, Sandi Miller
Editorial Assistant, Michael Collver

Math Academic Services:

Undergraduate and Graduate Education, Math majors, teaching, scheduling, recitations

Academic Administrator, Barbara Peskin
Administrative Assistant, Natalie Adams
Administrative Assistant, Debbie Bower
Administrative Assistant, Theresa Cummings
Administrative Assistant, Anna Ferrigno
Administrative Assistant, Michele Gallarelli

Computer Support:

Hardware and software support and purchases, wireless access
For support, email

Network Staff Assistant, Thomas Mullaly
Techsquare Associate, Abder Fadli
Techsquare Associate, Matt McKinnon
Techsquare Associate, Frank Tilley
Web Developer, Becky Ecung,

Main Committees and 2016-17 Chairs

Pure Math Committee

Pure math recruitment and promotions

Pure Math Committee Chair, Toby Colding
Pure Math Committee Administrator, Shirley Entzminger

Applied Math Committee

Applied math recruitment and promotions

Applied Math Committee Chair, Peter Shor
Applied Math Committee Administrator, Shirley Entzminger

Advisors Co-Chairs

Policy and oversight for undergraduate math majors

Steven Johnson and Philippe Rigollet

Graduate Co-Chairs

Graduate Student Issues, math graduate admissions

Davesh Maulik and William Minicozzi (Pure); Jonathan Kelner (Applied)