12/7–12/9/23 Attended the Princeton conference on Monodromy and Its Applications
12/5/23 30-minute Zoom talk at the ICMS UK–Vietnam Mathematics Joint Meeting, Edinburgh
11/16/23 Zoom talk at the Columbia Representation Theory and Categorification Seminar
11/1/23 Talk at the MIT Lie Groups Seminar
9/10/23 1-hour talk at the AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting at the University at Buffalo
7/31–8/2/23 Attended the AIM workshop on Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics of Link Homology
6/19–6/23/23 Attended the MIT summer school on Coulomb Branches and Knot Homology
4/24/23 Talk at the Yale Geometry, Symmetry, and Physics Seminar
2/15/23 Talk at the MIT–Harvard–MSR Combinatorics Seminar


10/6/22 Talk at the Northeastern Geometry, Physics, and Representation Theory Seminar
8/29/22 My PRIMES mentee Luke Robitaille was named a Davidson Fellow.
4/12–4/21/22 Four 90-minute lectures on operator algebras for MIT 18.708
3/23/22 Virtual 10-minute talk at the ICERM workshop on Braids in Symplectic and Algebraic Geometry
3/15/22 My PRIMES mentee Luke Robitaille won Tenth Place in the Regeneron Science Talent Search.
1/20/22 My PRIMES mentee Luke Robitaille was named a Regeneron STS Finalist.
1/6/22 My PRIMES mentee Luke Robitaille and advisee Joshua Guo were named Regeneron STS Scholars.


11/30/21 Virtual talk at the Oxford Algebra Seminar
10/25/21 Virtual talk at the UMass Representation Theory Seminar
10/7/21 Virtual talk at the AIM Link Homology Cluster Algebra Seminar
10/1/21 Virtual expository talk at the AIM Link Homology Algebraic Geometry Seminar
7/5/21 Virtual expository talk at the AIM Link Homology Geometric Categorification Seminar
6/17/21 Virtual talk at the UMass FRG conference on Categorical Braid Group Actions
3/3/21 Virtual talk at the MIT Lie Groups Seminar
1/20/21 Virtual expository talk for the MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP) Mathematics Lecture Series (18.095)


1/15/21 Virtual talk at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Representation and Number Theory Seminar
9/29/20 Virtual talk at the Harvard/MIT Algebraic Geometry Seminar
3/11/20 Awarded a Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation


12/4/19 Talks at the MIT Geometric Representation Theory Seminar and MIT Lie Groups Seminar
11/11/19 Talk at the Caltech Algebra and Geometry Seminar
11/9/19 20-minute talk at the AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting at UC-Riverside
10/22/19 Talk at the UPenn Math-Physics Joint Seminar
8/19–8/23/19 Attended the SCGP graduate summer school on the Geometry and Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups
6/19/19 30-minute talk at the UC-Davis FRG conference on Hilbert Schemes, Categorification, and Combinatorics
5/21/19 Talk at the Perimeter Institute Mathematical Physics Seminar
5/20/19 Awarded a 2019 William Rainey Harper Dissertation Fellowship from the University of Chicago
4/29/19 Talk at the Johns Hopkins Number Theory Seminar


11/14/18 Talk at the UC-Davis Algebraic Geometry Seminar
9/30–10/6/18 Attended the AIM workshop on Categorified Hecke Algebras, Link Homology, and Hilbert Schemes
8/12–8/18/18 Attended the WARTHOG on Deligne–Lusztig theory