Summer School in Geometric Representation Theory

Coulomb Branches and Knot Homology

Lecturer: Ben Webster (Perimeter/Waterloo)

June 19-23, 2023
MIT, Cambridge, MA


This will be an intensive, 5-day summer school geared toward graduate students in geometric representation theory. Topics include symplectic resolutions of singularities, particularly the recent construction of Coulomb branches due to Braverman, Finkelberg and Nakajima, categories of coherent sheaves on these spaces, derived equivalences between these categories, and relations to quantum field theory. Prerequisites are the equivalent of one year graduate courses in algebraic geometry, Lie theory and algebraic topology.


The talks will start at 9:15 every day between June 19 and June 23, and last well into the afternoon every day except Friday. See the link below for the precise day-by-day schedule, as well as mathematical details. All talks will be held in room 2-190 in the MIT Department of Mathematics. We will be having coffee and pastries every morning at 8:45 in room 2-290.

Summer School Syllabus and Schedule


Lodging is very expensive in Cambridge in June, so if you have family or friends you can stay with, that would be easiest. Otherwise, please ask your advisor/department if they can cover the costs of lodging and travel (and we can help you find a room even if paying with your own funds, just let us know on the registration form).

For graduate students only: we have some funding available for lodging and travel, and please indicate whether you need any on your registration form (Deadline: February 28, 2023). In this case, please ask your advisor to email a short letter of recommendation to Rosalee Zammuto ( If we'll be able to support you, we can reimburse plane/train/bus travel to the Boston area (so not local taxis) capped at the following amounts depending on your geographic location.

Northeast: $300
Midwest and Southeast: $500
West and Southwest: $800



  • Yibo Ji
  • Yaochen Wu
  • Alex Foster
  • Zhenyi Chen
  • Luke Conners
  • Tahsin Saffat
  • Portia Anderson
  • Do Kien Hoang
  • David Marcus
  • Bela Nelson
  • Kendric Schefers
  • Abhinav Chand
  • John Nolan
  • Aiden Suter
  • Elliot Kienzle
  • Toan Pham
  • Trung Vu
  • Han Li
  • Surya Raghavendran
  • Mengwei Hu
  • Yuxuan Hu
  • Tianle Liu
  • Keke Zhang
  • Che Shen
  • Elise LePage
  • Raj Gandhi
  • Jishnu Bose
  • Tina Peng
  • Spencer Tamagni
  • Andrew Adair
  • Som Sadashiv Phene
  • Yaoxian Yang
  • Longfei Li
  • Yixuan Li
  • Arghya Sadhukhan
  • Jeremy Peters
  • Swapnil Garg
  • Sarbartha Bhattacharya
  • Fan Zhou
  • Abhishek Shivkumar
  • Alvaro Martinez
  • Andrei Negut
  • Calder Morton-Ferguson
  • Elijah Bodish
  • Haosen Wu
  • Minh-Tam Trinh
  • Muhammad Anadil Saeed Rao
  • Ashley Wang
  • Justin Wu
  • Jeffrey Ayers
  • Keyou Zeng
  • Zhengping Gui
  • Zhengping Gui
  • Milton Lin
  • Nikitas Sourdakos
  • Deeparaj Bhat
  • Ivan Danilenko
  • Sunny Zhang
  • Daishi Kiyohara
  • Chujiao Zhang
  • Chujiao Zhang
  • Sanath Devalapurkar
  • Jinze Wu
  • Xinyu Li
  • Pavel Shlykov
  • Jiawei Hu
  • Ju Tan
  • Joshua Wang
  • Mykola Semenyakin
  • Vasily Krylov
  • Misha Goltsblat
  • Hunter Dinkins
  • Jiakai Li
  • Jose Guzman
  • Jacob Canel
  • Sasidhar Kunapuli
  • Linus Setiabrata
  • Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj
  • Jacob Ruiz
  • Austin Szuminsky
  • Anlong Chua
  • Serina Hu
  • Stephen McKean
  • Alyosha Latyntsev
  • Po Hao Chen
  • Kenta Suzuki
  • Shengnan Huang
  • Serdar Aslan
  • Rishikesh Kr Chaudhary (IIT, MIT, JAXA & NASA)
  • Antoine Labelle
  • Hari Iyer
  • Haihan Wu
  • Bilkit Githinji
  • Benjamin Gammage
  • Leslie Rossman
  • Leslie Rossman
  • Jeanne Scott
  • Clair Xinle Dai
  • Paul Seidel
  • Junliang Shen
  • Botao Zhang
  • Ryan Kannanaikal
  • Jay Greenberg
  • Rahul Hirwani
  • Aria Masoomii
  • Darryl Johnson
  • Yang Li
  • David Kazhdan


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