I’m a CLE Moore Instructor and recent NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the mathematics department at MIT. My NSF sponsoring scientist was Zhiwei Yun. Previously, I was a graduate student at UChicago, advised by Châu Ngô and Victor Ginzburg.

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6/3–6/8/24 Summer School and Workshop on Relative Langlands Duality at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
4/20–4/21/24 20-minute talk at the AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
3/4/24 Talk at the University at Buffalo Algebra Seminar
1/22/24* Zoom talk at the IASM Online Geometry and Physics Seminar, Zhejiang (* local time: 1/23)
12/7–12/9/23 Nicholas Katz’s 80th Birthday Conference, Princeton
12/5/23 30-minute Zoom talk at the ICMS UK–Vietnam Mathematics Joint Meeting, Edinburgh
11/16/23 Zoom talk at the Columbia Representation Theory and Categorification Seminar
11/1/23 Talk at the MIT Lie Groups Seminar