David Jerison

Professor of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave, Room E17-308
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

(617) 253-4394
jerison (at) math (dot) mit (dot) edu

David Jerison

> About

This site is under construction. For now, Dec, 2014, a few preprints are available under publications.

> Research

My main research interests are Fourier analysis and partial differential equations. I am especially interested in free boundary problems. Recently, I have also been working on internal Diffusion Limited Aggregation (internal DLA), a stochastic growth model.

> Publications

> Teaching

18.03 - Differential Equatiions Spring 2013

18.103 - Fourier Analysis and Applications Fall 2013

Open Courseware Single Variable Calculus, 18.01 (Notes problem sets from Fall 2006; videos from Fall 2007)

Open Courseware Multivariable Calculus, 18.02 (Notes and problem sets from Spring 2006)

18.155 Differential Analysis, Fall 2008

RSI - Research Science Institute for high school students, for which I organize the math section

SPUR - Summer Program for Undergraduate Research. I direct this program, which is for MIT undergraduates only.