Student seminar in topology

Fall 2005

Date: Tuesdays 4:00-5:00PM
Room 2-132

  • September 13
    Mike Hill
    A Historical Survey of Algebraic Topology      Abstract
  • September 20
    Vigleik Angeltveit
    Homotopy Associative Multiplications and Homotopy Symmetric Bimodules      Abstract
  • September 27
    John Francis
    (Co)bordism with Singularities      Abstract
  • October 4
    Tyler Lawson
    The Plus Construction      Abstract
  • October 11
    Cancelled for Columbus Day
  • October 18
    Chris Douglas
    Nested Toda Brackets and Differentials in the Adams Spectral Sequence      Abstract
  • October 25
    Danny Vera
    Further into the Darkside: Parameterized Orthogonal Spectra      Abstract
  • November 1
    Teena Gerhardt
    Algebraic Cobordism      Abstract
  • November 8
    Mike Hill
    A New Hopf Algebra for Computing tmf Homology and the tmf homology of B\Sigma_3
  • November 15
    Ricardo Andrade
  • November 22
    Mark Behrens
    Hypercohomology of categories    Abstract

  • November 29
    Christophe Cazanave
  • December 6
    Soren Galatius

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