MIT Mathematics Awards for Service to the Math Community

Awards were presented recently to several MIT Mathematics members for their outstanding contributions to building and strengthening our mathematics community:

From Left: Michel Goemans, Mary Stelow, and Marisa Gaetz

Graduate students Marisa Gaetz and Mary Stelow, for their work as co-directors of PRIMES Circle and for many additional mentoring and managing roles.

From Left: Michel Goemans, Charlotte Kirchhoff-Lukat, and Peter Baddoo

Postdocs Peter Baddoo and Charlotte Kirchhoff-Lukat, for their work in bringing together the postdoc community through the series of tea and coffee hours they have organized

Edgar Costa
Michel Goemans and David Roe

Research scientists Edgar Costa and David Roe, for their behind-the-scenes efforts creating and maintaining – a service not just to the MIT Math community but to mathematicians worldwide.

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