Diversity teamwork with joined hands

We are committed to fostering a community of learning that is welcoming, inclusive, engaging, and aimed at the highest academic accomplishments. To this end, we affirm that the mental and physical well-being of our community, especially of our students, is of utmost importance.

Mathematical potential is independent of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political views and socio-economic background. Mathematical thinking benefits everyone. Our faculty is thus committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity among our students, postdocs, instructors, faculty and staff members.

Specifically, we are committed to increasing the percentage of underrepresented minorities (URMs) among our faculty and students, and to promoting diversity at every level of mathematical development. We have thus taken action on various fronts, including the creation and support of several programs, from middle school onwards, designed to increase the number of URM students in mathematically-based fields. Progress made towards achieving our goals is reviewed biennially by the Mathematics Department Visiting Committee.

Department of Mathematics Community Values

Our vision


Our Mathematics Community Values stem from the basic principle that members of our community should treat each other with respect and decency at all times. In turn, we should not alienate, diminish, or insult each other, either in word or deed.

Our Values


We support each other at all times and remember that we are not alone.


We value the multitude of ways to be a mathematician and the many paths through our field and Department.


We strive to speak and act in ways that support and include all members of our community.


Mathematics is a social endeavor and we proudly collaborate with others to advance the field.


We are all here because of the mentorship we have received, and we actively support and mentor others in their mathematical journey.

* This values statement is modeled after the Physics Community Values. The Math Department acknowledges our colleagues in the Physics Department for their thorough and rigorous efforts in developing this important and timely work.

Diversity and Community Building Committee

Our diversity committee meets regularly to identify and remove structural and cultural mechanisms that perpetuate systemic oppression in our department, to ensure our community’s well-being, and to build support systems and resources to ensure opportunities to all. It is made up of our community’s faculty, postdocs, instructors, students, and staff.

Committee Chairs:   Gigliola Staffilani (Faculty), Michael King (Staff)

Interested in getting involved? Contact math_diversity_committee@mit.edu for more information.