Our Programs & Initiatives

MIT Groups

WIM Logo

WIM: MIT Women in Mathematics

MIT Mathematics group for celebrating MIT mathematicians who identify as female in our department and the larger STEM community.


Undergraduate Mathematics Association (UMA)

For MIT students interested in math.  Events and activities include talks by professors, postdocs, and fellow students, weekly social game nights, compilation of academic and career resources, and cross-organizational collaboration.

Gummi Logo

Grad-Undergrad Math Mentoring Initiative (GUMMI)

A community of graduate students giving advice and support to undergraduates considering a graduate degree in math.


MIT SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)

Student Chapter is led by a group of graduate students from different departments at MIT, and is devoted to cross-pollinating ideas in applied mathematics and computational engineering between students and researchers at MIT that wouldn’t otherwise collaborate.  

Undergraduate Society of Women in Mathematics (USWIM): For women and nonbinary students who are interested in math. Hosts career-oriented events, outreach events, and social events, offers a mentorship program, and more.

The Council for Math Majors (CoMM):  A representative group of undergraduates committed to amplifying undergraduate voices and working with the MIT Math Department to address undergraduate issues.

Outreach and Community Building

  • Math High School Equivalency Tutoring at Correctional Facilities: In a collaboration between the MIT Math department and The Educational Justice Institute, we are pairing volunteers from the math department community with local correctional facilities to serve as tutors and instructors in fundamental math courses, including math for high school equivalency diplomas.
  • Directed Reading Program (DRP): Held during IAP in January, this program pairs undergraduates with graduate student mentors to read a selected math book.
  • SPUR+: For students showing great promise in mathematics, but who have been underserved in mathematical education, this three-week program includes guided reading in preparation for research, before beginning the six-week SPUR program.  SPUR+ participants meet with their mentor three times a week for 1.5 hours during the guided reading period.  
  • PRIMES (Program for Research In Mathematics, Engineering, and Science for high school students). PRIMES includes three sections:
    • MIT PRIMES is a free year-long after-school program that offers research projects and guided reading to high school students living within driving distance from Boston. Program participants work with MIT researchers on exciting unsolved problems in mathematics, computer science, and computational biology.
    • PRIMES-USA is a free year-long distance mentoring math research section for high school juniors and sophomores from across the United States (outside of Greater Boston).
    • Menezes Challenge PRIMES Circle is a free spring-term math enrichment section for high school students from underrepresented groups living within commuting distance from Boston.
    • PRIMES runs two collaborative initiatives:
      • MathROOTS (a joint program with MIT Admissions) is a free two-week mathematical talent accelerator residential summer program hosted by MIT PRIMES for nationally selected high-potential high school students from underrepresented backgrounds or underserved communities.
      • CrowdMath (a joint program with the Art of Problem Solving) is a massive online collaborative year-long research project open to all high school and college students around the world.
    • PRIMES also has an affiliate program for local middle schoolers:
      • PRIMES STEP is a year-long math enrichment program for middle school students from Greater Boston.