Some class notes

  • Here are Supplementary Notes from the Spring, 2012, version of 18.03, Differential Equations.

  • Notes from a course on the homotopy theory of the vector field problem, Spring, 1989, taken by Matthew Ando. Part 1, Part 2. A team led by Eric Peterson converted them in to TeX, and this draft appears here on OCW.

  • Here is the beginning of a revision of those notes. Comments welcome! .pdf.

  • Notes from a course on cobordism theory, Spring, 1994, taken and texed by Dan Christensen and Gerd Laures. .pdf

  • Notes from the beginning of a course on the Adams spectral sequence, Fall, 2012. .pdf

  • Lecture notes from 18.905 and 18.906, Algebraic Topology, .pdf. These are now published in a beautiful volume, with different pagination, available at a good price by World Scientific.

  • Mathematics Project Lab Course Introduction, 30 Jan 2014. classroom discussion

  • Notes for a talk "Knots and Numbers" in 18.095, 5 January 2022. .pdf

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