Math Pictures

Although I have rarely taken pictures at conferences, my friends have often been more thoughtful (and more artistically talented).  I therefore have a reasonable collection of photographic documentation of the social aspects of representation theory since the late 1970s.  From time to time I'll dust off some of these pictures, dust off my scanner, and make additions.

Taniguchi Symposium, August, 1986
Park City Mathematics Institute, July, 1998
Miscellanea (now consisting of a single picture with Jeff Adams).
More recent conference pictures (added May, 2008).
Pictures from "Lie theory and geometry: the mathematical legacy of Bertram Kostant" (University of British Columbia, May 19-24, 2008).
Pictures from some outdoor excursions at "Representation Theory of Real Reductive Groups", July 20 - July 31, 2009, at the University of Utah.
Pictures assembled by Jun Yu on the occasion of a conference Associated varieties and unipotent representations which he made partly for the occasion of my retirement from MIT.