University of British Columbia, Vancouver, May, 2008: conference in honor of Bertram Kostant's 80th birthday

Bert Kostant UBC botanical gardens Bert Kostant, Nolan Wallach

On the left is Bert at his banquet on Tuesday May 20; in the middle he appears with Nolan Wallach. On the right is the best I could capture of the glories of Vancouver; the horizon is not quite horizontal in the mountain/seascapes that I took.

Jean-Pierre Serre, Ann Kostant, Bert Kostant Bert Kostant, Nolan Wallach

On the left is the head table at the banquet in honor of Bert's Birthday; to Bert's right are his wife Ann and Jean-Pierre Serre.
The picture on the right shows Bert and Nolan Wallach enlightening each other after dessert.

Victor Guillemin, Monica Nevins, George Lusztig Georeg Lusztig, David Vogan, Victor Guillemin

Moving down the social ladder at the banquet, we arrive on the left at Victor Guillemin, one of the conference groupies, and George Lusztig; on the right (taken by amateur photography buff Monica Nevins) are George Lusztig, David Vogan, and Vict Guillem. 

Smiling faces and empty bottles Bert and Allen Knutson

I'm terrible with names, but thanks to some assistance from the photographed I can say that from the front left clockwise are Vincent van der Noort, some part of Mark Colarusso, Seung Lee, Jerin Gu, Iain Gordon, Pramod Achar's forehead, and Bas Janssens. On the right are Bert and Allen Knutson (whose lecture on Schubert calculus and juggling would have made fine pictures for a better photographer than I am).

Smiling faces and empty bottles student table redux

On the left are Iain Gordon, Pramod Achar, Sarah Kitchen, and Bas Janssens. On the right are Noriyuki Abe, Pavle Pandzic, and Jing-Song Huang.

Allan Cooper and Bert Jim Carrell and Bert

On the left is Bert with his former student Allan Cooper. On the right he appears with old friend and conference organizer Jim Carrell.

David's students David with his students

Finally, here are two pictures at the solemn archway marking the entrance to the University of British Columbia Golf Course. The (more attractive) picture on the left shows Hwanchul Yoo, Pramod Achar, Monica Nevins (who like Pramod is married, but these little relationships are inevitable at conferences, when the mathematics is blazing as brightly as the Canadian sun), Jun Yu, Tonghoon Suk, and Jerin Gu. On the right is approximately the same group, with Tonghoon now acting as photographer and me moving into the center of the picture. At least my presence appears to have quieted all the hugging.

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