Taniguchi Symposium, August, 1986

Many of these pictures were collected by the organizers of the symposium.

They have even provided a key to the people in this picture:

The clearly visible people here are Nolan Wallach, Paul Sally, David Vogan, Wilfried Schmid, and Joseph Bernstein.  Probably the person on the extreme left is Masaki Kashiwara.

Another dinner photograph, this one of David Vogan, Nolan Wallach, Michel Duflo, and Paul Sally.


Here is Paul Sally on one of the tourist excursions organized in connection with the Symposium.

The central figures here are Nolan Wallach and Paul Sally.  The picture was posed at the request of the surrounding schoolgirls, who evidently were impressed by my photographic abilities.

Michel Duflo, Nolan Wallach, and K. Okamoto.

Wilfried Schmid, Michel Duflo, and Nolan Wallach, apparently engaged in low-impact aerobics by Lake Biwa.

A double rainbow, taken from my hotel window over Lake Biwa.  Of course the doubling didn't survive my rudimentary scanning skills very well, but perhaps you can imagine the second bow.