Tanya Khovanova


Research: Combinatorics and Recreational Mathematics

Website: http://www.tanyakhovanova.com/

Tanya Khovanova

Tanya Khovanova is a freelance mathematician and a research affiliate at the Mathematics Department at MIT.  She received her Ph.D. in mathematics from Moscow State University in 1988, under Prof. Israel Gelfand. Her research was in representation theory, integrable systems, quantum groups and superstring theory. Currently she is interested in combinatorics and recreational mathematics.

Dr. Khovanova presently coaches mathletes at the Advanced Math and Sciences Academy in Marlborough, MA. She also coordinates math research at the MIT's Research Science Institute (RSI).

Tanya Khovanova's online presence includes her website, which grapples with a broad range of topics most of which are related to math at www.tanyakhovanova.com a highly popular and witty math blog at blog.tanyakhovanova.com; and her "Number Gossip" site at www.numbergossip.com.