Yilin Wang and Hong Wang PhD ’19 Awarded 2022 New Frontiers Prize

Yilin Wang and Hong Wang

CLE Moore Instructor Yilin Wang and Hong Wang PhD ’19, a UCLA assistant professor of mathematics, are recipients of the Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize, awarded to outstanding early-career women in mathematics by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation.

Yilin is cited “for innovative and far-reaching work on the Loewner energy of planar curves” according to the award citation, and Hong “for advances on the restriction conjecture, the local smoothing conjecture, and related problems.”

“Once again, it is uplifting to see women in mathematics receiving a major prize for their outstanding research,” says Department of Mathematics Head Michel Goemans, the RSA Professor of Mathematics. “We are proud of Yilin’s achievements in probability and Hong’s contributions to Fourier analysis.”

Congratulations Yilin and Hong!

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