WiSDM to promote visibility of women in STEM

Ritu Raman, a postdoctoral fellow at the Koch Institute, is working on an initiative to promote women in STEM,

The Women iSTEM Database at MIT (WiSDM) is an initiative designed to promote the visibility of women in our academic community. The goal of WiSDM is to provide a curated searchable online database of MIT women, making it easier to find talented and diverse speakers for conference talks, panels, news stories, and outreach events. WiSDM is currently building its database, and will include MIT faculty, postdocs, research staff, and graduate students from all STEM fields. Speaking opportunities are an incredibly effective way to engage with your academic community, and contribute to your professional advancement. Make your voice, your story, and your perspective a part of the conversation by joining WiSDM today. 

For questions regarding WiSDM, please contact Ritu Raman (