Pre-Google Calendar Seminar listings


Date Speaker Title
April 23 George Lusztig The Lie group of type E8
April 2 Max Engelstein Not all Critical Points are Minimizers
March 19 Philippe Rigollet The sample complexity of multi-reference alignment
February 12 Steven Johnson Upper bounds on wave-matter interactions
February 12 Henry Cohn The Gaussian core model in high dimensions


Date Speaker Title
David Jerison The Two-Hyperplane conjecture
Spring David Vogan W-Graphs
Spring Andrei Negut Moduli of semistable sheaves and representation theory
Spring Andrew Lawrie Bubbling for geometric wave equations
Spring Larry Guth Using Fourier analysis to study diophantine equations


Date Speaker Title
May 6 George Lusztig Affine Hecke algebras
April 29 William Minicozzi Geometric Flows
April 22 Gigliola Staffilani Dispersive equations and their role beyond PDE
April 8 Jacob Fox The Graph Regularity Method
February 25 Scott Sheffield Log-correlated Gaussian fields


Date Speaker Title
December 3 Steven Johnson Mathematical formulations of radiative heat transfer
November 19 Aaron Naber Quantitative Stratification and regularity for harmonic maps
October 29 Bill Minicozzi Singularities and dynamics of mean curvature flow
October 15 Larry Guth The waist inequality in geometry and combinatorics
October 1 Katrin Wehrheim Moduli spaces of pseudoholomorphic curves
September 19 Mark Behrens Exotic spheres
May 7 Goncalo Tabuada Homological ⊂ Homotopical Algebra
April 2 Jared Speck The Geometric Analysis of Wave Equations
March 12 Roman Bezrukavnikov Representation categories found in algebraic geometry
February 27 Lie Wang Recovery of high dimensional sparse signals
February 13 Gigliola Staffilani Dispersive equations and their role beyond PDE


Date Speaker Title
December 5 Mark Behrens Calculus of functors
November 21 Sug Woo Shin Families and equidistribution
November 7 Victor Guillemin Riemann sums vs. Riemann integrals
October 24 Pavel Etingof The PRIMES progam
October 3 Abhinav Kumar Sphere packing and related optimization problems
April 25 Susan J. Sierra (Princeton) What is a Noncommutative Polynomial Ring?
April 11 Katrin Wehrheim How to construct topological invariants via decompositions and the symplectic category
March 28 Richard Melrose Spin structures and singularities
March 14 Tom Mrowka The strange world of 4-dimensional manifolds
February 14 Henry Cohn Abstract


Time: Monday, 12:00 - 1:00pm

Location: Room 2-139

Goodies: Pizza and beverages will be available at 1pm in 2-290

Date Speaker Title
December 6 Davesh Maulik A classical question in algebraic geometry concerns counting curves in some ambient space. That is, if we fix some discrete parameters and geometric conditions, how many curves are there on an algebraic variety which satisfy these conditions? In the special case when the ambient space is three-dimensional, there are two approaches to these sorts of questions - via counting maps or counting sheaves. In this talk, we will introduce these approaches and explain questions/progress in understanding their relationship to each other.
November 29 Abhinav Kumar The "exceptional" root lattices $E_6$, $E_7$, and $E_8$ arise in the classification of root lattices, Lie algebras and so on. These lattices have many remarkable properties: they are the densest lattices in their dimensions, their root systems have give rise to remarkable spherical codes, with large automorphism groups. These root systems also arise in the consideration of exceptional curves on del Pezzo surfaces in algebraic geometry. I will describe this classical connection, and time permitting, touch on another - that with rational elliptic surfaces.
November 15 Martin Bazant Nonlinear Dynamics of Electrochemical Systems
November 1 Jacob Fox Ramsey Theory
October 18 Jonathan Kelner Electrical Flows, Laplacian Systems and Faster Approximation of Maximum Flow in Undirected Graphs
October 4 David Vogan Unitary Group Representations
September 20 Scott Sheffield How do you divide your (two-dimensional) time? SLE and teh quantum gravity zipper
April 26 Abhinav Kumar What is the densest arrangement of spheres in Euclidean space R^n? The simplest ones to describe are those in which the sphere centers are arranged in a lattice, but even in as low as three dimensions, periodic structures (the Barlow packings) tie with the face-centered cubic (or A_3 lattice) arrangement for the top spot. In ten dimensions, the best packing known (discovered by Best) is periodic and not a lattice. One can attempt to make dense periodic configurations by minimizing (average) potential energy for a suitable potential function, such as a steeply decreasing inverse power law. I will describe recent joint work with Cohn and Schurmann which carries out these computational experiments for Gaussian potential functions, and some surprising results, including the presence of "duals" for some non-lattice periodic structures.
February 22 Sigurdur Helgason This lecture deals with Radon's problem of determining a function f in terms of its integral over certain submanifolds. There are two sides to the problem, namely inversion formulas and support theorems. Several examples of each will be discussed.


Time: Tuesday, 12:00 - 1:00pm

Location: Room 2-102

Goodies: Pizza and beverages will be available at 1pm in 2-290

Date Speaker Title
December 9 David Vogan "The Uncertainty Principle for Algebraists: Research Problems About Diagonalizing Matrices"
November 18 Katrin Wehrheim "Some Connections Between Gauge Theory and Symplectic Topology"
October 28 Scott Sheffield "Random Fractals and Symmetry"
October 14 Mark Behrens TBA
September 30 Bjorn Poonen "Rational Periodic Points of Polynomials"
September 16 Tom Mrowka "Dissecting 3-Manifolds"


Time: Monday, 12:00 - 1:00pm

Location: Room 2-190

Goodies: Pizza and beverages will be available at 1pm in 2-290

Date Speaker Title
December 10 Lars Hesselholt Higher algebraic K-theory
December 3 Richard Melrose Configuration spaces and Magnetic Monopoles
November 26 Ju-Lee Kim Harmonic analysis on $SL_2 (R)$
November 19 Mike Artin Noncommutative Surfaces Birationally = Skew Fields of Dimension Two
November 5 John Bush Rationalizing Nature's Designs
October 29 Toby Colding Change of width under flows
October 22 James McKernan A tour through birational geometry
October 15 David Vogan How big is infinite-dimensional
October 1 Richard Stanley Combinatorics and Representation Theory
September 17 Jacob Lurie Topological Quantum Field Theories in Low Dimensions
September 10 Pavel Etingof Double affine Hecke algebras