Workshop on Uniqueness in Analysis and Geometry

Wednesday December 10 to Thursday December 11, 2014


Wednesday - December 10, 2014
9:00 Leon Simon Uniqueness of tangent cones
10:15 Bob Hardt One Dimensional Rectifiable Varifolds and Some Applications
11:30 Dan Knopf Universal behaviors in geometric heat flows
2:30 Simon Brendle Embedded minimal tori in S3 and the Lawson conjecture
4:00 Natasa Sesum Ancient solutions to the mean curvature flow
Banquet - Emma Rogers Room at MIT (10-340) - By Invitation Only
Thursday - December 11, 2014
9:00 Felix Schulze A local regularity theorem for mean curvature flow with triple edges
10:15 Lu Wang A Sharp Lower Bound for the Entropy of Closed Hypersurfaces up to Dimension Six
11:30 Leon Simon Cylindrical tangent cones
2:00 Brian Krummel Higher regularity of the branch set of harmonic functions and minimal submanifolds
3:15 Brian White Open Problems