Gelfand Centennial Conference:
A View of 21st Century Mathematics

MIT, Room 34-101, August 28 - September 2, 2013

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Organized by: MIT, Harvard University, and Rutgers University

Organizing committee: P. Etingof, S. Gindikin, D. Kazhdan, B. Mazur, V. Retakh, I. Singer, A. Zelevinsky*

Sponsors: MIT Mathematics Department, Harvard University Mathematics Department, Rutgers University Mathematics Department, National Science Foundation, Clay Mathematics Institute, Gabriella and Paul Rosenbaum Foundation, Ms. Madge Goldman.

* deceased


R. Bezrukavnikov (MIT)
M. Bhargava (Princeton)
M. Emerton (University of Chicago)
D. Gaitsgory (Harvard)
A. Goncharov (Yale)
M. Hopkins (Harvard)
M. Khovanov (Columbia)
M. Kontsevich (IHES)
J. Lurie (Harvard)
G. Margulis (Yale)
D. McDuff (Columbia)
C. Moeglin (Jussieu)

N. Nekrasov (IHES and Simons Institute)
A. Okounkov (Columbia)
D. Orlov (Steklov Institute)
P. Sarnak (Princeton)
P. Seidel (MIT)
Y.T. Siu (Harvard)
E. Urban (Columbia)
A. Venkatesh (Stanford)
E. Witten (IAS)

Conference Poster

Gelfand Centennial conference in Moscow

Rooms for discussions: 34-301, 34-302, 34-303, 34-304