Reading Group: An Inclusive Academy

During the Summer of 2020, we held a reading group/seminar on Part I of An Inclusive Academy: Achieving Diversity and Excellence by Abigail Stewart and Virginia Valian.


The readings for the seminar are designed to take less than 1 hour per week so that even those with little extra time are able to participate. We’ll meet via Zoom for an hour once per week to discuss the readings. The organizers will come up with some discussion questions to think about during the weekly meetings.

Organizers: Peter Haine and Tom Mrowka

Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 8PM EDT, starting on June 24


Below is the tentative schedule for the seminar during for the Summer.

June 24: Chapter 1, week 1

  • Reading: pp. 3–19 (until the section “Individuals and Institutional Structures”)
  • Slides
  • Summary notes

July 1: Chapter 1, week 2

July 8: Chapter 2

July 15: Chapter 3, week 1

  • Reading: pp. 71–93 (until the section “Perceptions of Outstanding Women”)
  • Summary notes

July 22: Chapter 3, week 2

July 29: Chapter 4, week 1

  • Reading: pp. 121–136 (until the section “Accounts of the Observational Data”)

August 5: Chapter 4, week 2

August 12: Discussion with Virginia Valian

  • This discussion will take place at 3PM and have a separate Zoom link (to be sent out to the mailing list).
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