Bioinformatics Seminar

The Bioinformatics Seminar is co-sponsored by the Department of Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Theory of Computation group at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). The seminar series focuses on highlighting areas of research in the field of computational biology. This year, we are hoping to highlight three topics: (1) language models and their uses in biology and biomedicine, (2) ethical and societal issues in biomedical data (e.g. privacy, fairness), and (3) single-cell biology.

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Title Abstract
Feb. 2 Ibrahim Numanagic
(University of Victoria)
Do you want to build a high-performance and user-friendly language for bioinformatics?
Feb. 9 Alfonso Valencia
(Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
Multilayer based approaches for disease stratification: application to rare diseases.
Feb. 16 Christine Orengo
(University College London)
Protein structure and family data informs functional mechanisms and the risk of disease PDF
Feb. 23 Stephanie Hicks
(Johns Hopkins University)
Scalable statistical methods and software for single-cell data science PDF
Mar. 2 Po-Ru Loh
(Harvard Medical School)
Haplotype-informed discovery of hidden genetic variants influencing human traits PDF
Mar. 9 Steven Salzberg
(Johns Hopkins University)
The human genome and our genes: how much are we missing? PDF
Mar. 16 Michael Hiller
(Senckenberg Society for Nature Research & Goethe University)
TOGA: integrating gene annotation with orthology inference at scale PDF
Mar. 30 Roded Sharan
(Tel-Aviv University)
Probabilistic and algebraic models for mutation data PDF
Apr. 6 Yufeng Shen
(Columbia University Medical Center)
Predicting genetic effect of missense variants PDF
Apr. 13 Sabrina Spencer
(University of Colorado, Boulder)
Proliferation-quiescence control in normal and drug-treated cancer cells PDF
Apr. 20 Victoria Popic
(Broad Institute)
Structural variant discovery using deep learning PDF
Apr. 27 Pavel Pevzner
(University of California, San Diego)
Algorithmic challenges in emerging fields of “complete” genomics and metagenomics PDF
May 4 Sara Mostafavi
(University of Washington)
Deep Learning of Immune Cell Differentiation PDF

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Organizers and Information

The Bioinformatics Seminar is hosted by MIT Simons Professor of Mathematics and head of the Computation and Biology group at CSAIL Bonnie Berger. Professor Berger is also Faculty of Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology, Associate Member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Faculty of MIT CSB, and Affiliated Faculty of Harvard Medical School.

The seminar is announced weekly via email to members of the seminar's mailing list and to those on CSAIL's event calendar list. It is also posted in the BioWeek calendar.

Bonnie Berger:

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