Course info for 18.725 (Algebraic Geometry I) is available here.

We will be following Ravi Vakil's notes Foundations of Algebraic Geometry.

My current office hours: MW 3:30-4:30pm in 2-275.

Problem sets will be posted here each Thursday (between 2 and 3 pm) and will be due the following Thursday, in lecture or via e-mail (e-mail addresses are in the course info sheet above - please send to Vishal and cc me).

Problem Set 1 (due September 22)

Problem Set 2 (due September 29)

Problem Set 3 (due October 6)

Problem Set 4 (due October 13)

Problem Set 5 (due October 20)

Problem Set 6 (due October 27)

Problem Set 7 (due November 3)

Problem Set 8 (due November 10)

Problem Set 9 (due November 17)

Problem Set 10 (due December 1)

Problem Set 11 (due December 13)