Juvitop Fall 2007

This is the Juvitop seminar webpage from Fall 2007, which was organized by Jennifer French and Samuel Isaacson about Goodwillie Calculus. This site was originally hosted here. This is part of a deep copy of all prior Juvitop websites that I could find in the fall of 2016.

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Juvitop seminar

Fall 2007

Juvitop is a topics seminar on algebraic topology organized by graduate students at MIT.
The topic for the Juvitop seminar this semester is homotopy calculus.

The seminar will meet (unless noted otherwise) on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm in room 2-136 starting September 19.

The following is a list of the talks:

 Mark Behrens
 Overview of homotopy calculus
 Sam Isaacson
 Construct Taylor Towers
 Jennifer French
 Classification of Homogeneous Functors
 Martin Frankland
 Angelica Osorno
 Orthogonal Calculus
 John Francis
 Snaith-Type Splitting
 Reid Barton
 Arone--Mahowald Part I
 Samik Basu
 Arone--Mahowald Part II
 Ricardo Andrade
 Michael Ching Thesis Part I
 Nick Rozenblyum
 Michael Ching Thesis Part II
 Lars Hesselholt
 K-Theory and TC


G Arone, A generalization of Snaith-type splitting, Trans. AMS 351 (1999)1123--1150.
G Arone, M Mahowald, The Goodwillie tower of the identitiy functor and the unstable periodic homotopy of spheres,Invent. Math. 135 (1999) 743--788.
M Ching, ?
T Goodwillie, Calculus I: The First Derivative of Pseudoisotopy Theory, K-Theory 4 (1990) 1--27.
T Goodwillie, Calculus II: Analytic Functors, K-Theory 5 (1992) 295--332.
T Goodwillie, Calculus III: Taylor Towers, arXiv:math/0310481v1
N Kuhn, Goodwillie towers and chromatic homotopy: an overview
R McCarthy, Relative algebraic K-theory and topological cyclic homology, Acta Math. 179 (1997) 197--222.
M Weiss, Orthogonal Calculus


Feel free to e-mail the organizers regarding questions about the seminar or requests pertaining to the corresponding mailing list:
Jennifer French (jfrench%math.mit.edu)
Samuel Isaacson (sbisaacs%math.harvard.edu)

Some links

Past Juvitop Seminars:
Juvitop, Spring 2007 focused on floer homology.
Juvitop, Fall 2006 focused on the Adams spectral sequence and computations in the stable homotopy groups of spheres.
Juvitop, Spring 2006 focused on stacks in topology and homotopy theory.
Juvitop, Fall 2005 was dedicated to surgery theory.
Juvitop, Spring 2005 was on Galois theory of structured ring spectra.

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