Juvitop Fall 2006

This is the Juvitop seminar webpage from Fall 2006, which was organized by Ricardo Andrade and Matthew Gelvin about The Adams Spectral Sequence and Computations in the Stable Homotopy Groups of Spheres. This site was originally hosted here. This is part of a deep copy of all prior Juvitop websites that I could find in the fall of 2016.

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Juvitop seminar

Fall 2006

Juvitop is a topics seminar on algebraic topology organized by graduate students at MIT.
The topic for the Juvitop seminar this semester is the Adams spectral sequence and its use for computing stable homotopy groups of spheres.

The seminar will meet (unless noted otherwise) on Wednesdays at 4 pm in room 4-257 starting September 13.

The following is a list of the talks:

 September 13
 Matthew Gelvin
 The Steenrod algebra
 September 20
 Martin Frankland
 The classical Adams spectral sequence
 September 27
 Ronen Mukamel
 The lambda algebra
 October 4
 Veronique Godin
 Computations I
 October 11
 John Francis
 The generalized Adams spectral sequence
 October 18
 Sam Isaacson
 Complex cobordism and formal group laws
 October 25
 Pokman Cheung
 Brown-Peterson spectra and formal group laws
 November 1
 Giovanni Franklin
 BP spectra and the Adams-Novikov spectral sequence
 November 8
 Constanze Roitzheim
 Computations II
 November 15
 Nick Rozenblyum
 The chromatic spectral sequence
 November 21 (*)
 Mike Hill
 The Morava stabilizer algebra
 November 30 (**)
 David Jordan
 The J-homomorphism and the 1-line
 December 6
 Mark Behrens
 Greek letter elements
 December 13
 Ricardo Andrade
 Computations III
(*) - Joint meeting with the Babytop seminar: November 21 (Tuesday) at 4 pm in room 2-132
(**) - Thursday


Complex Cobordism and Stable Homotopy Groups of Spheres, by Douglas Ravenel. This book is currently published by the AMS and is also available online. It is probably the most complete reference for the subject and focuses on the computational aspects of the theory.

Stable Homotopy and Generalised Homology, by John Frank Adams. This book is a classical reference for the Adams spectral sequence. It also discusses (among other topics) complex oriented cohomology theories and relations to formal group laws.

Bordism, Stable Homotopy and Adams Spectral Sequences, by Stanley Kochman. This book features detailed proofs of (most) of its results.

A User's Guide to Spectral Sequences, by John McCleary. Chapter 9 is devoted to the Adams spectral sequence. This book is a good source for various flavours of spectral sequences.

Cohomology Operations and Applications in Homotopy Theory, by Robert Mosher and Martin Tangora. "The subject matter of this book is adequately explained in its title." (from a review by Larry Smith)


Feel free to e-mail the organizers regarding questions about the seminar or requests pertaining to the corresponding mailing list:
Ricardo Andrade (rjaa -at- %)
Matthew Gelvin (gelvin -at- %)
(% = math.mit.edu)

Some links

The Juvitop seminar of Fall 2006 is now over. Here is a link for the Juvitop seminar, Spring 2007.

Here are some links for the previous editions of the Juvitop seminar:
Juvitop, Spring 2006 focused on stacks in topology and homotopy theory.
Juvitop, Fall 2005 was dedicated to surgery theory.
Juvitop, Spring 2005 was on Galois theory of structured ring spectra.

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