Juvitop Fall 2005

This is the Juvitop seminar webpage from Fall 2005, which was organized by John Francis about Surgery Theory. This site was originally hosted here. This is part of a deep copy of all prior Juvitop websites that I could find in the fall of 2016.

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Surgery theory

juvitop, topology topics seminar

Fall 2005

Date: Wednesdays 4:00 to 5:00 or 5:30 PM, unless noted otherwise.
Room: 26-314.

  • September 16 at 12pm, room 2-139
    John Francis
    Prelude; the yoga of homotopy; exotic 7-spheres
    Joint with PUMAGRASS
  • September 28
    Mark Behrens
    Handlebodies and h-cobordism
  • October 5
    John Francis
    The s-cobordism theorem
  • October 12
    Vigleik Angeltveit
    Whitehead torsion and Whitehead groups
  • October 26
    Peter Lee
    Surgery below the middle dimension
  • November 2
    Veronique Godin
    Surgery at the middle dimension I : obstructions
  • November 9
    Christophe Cazanave
    Surgery at the middle dimension II : surgery exact sequence
  • November 16
    Tyler Lawson
  • November 23
    Cancelled:MIT holiday (Thanksgiving).
  • November 30
    Nick Rozenblyum
    Classifying spaces for surgery I : G, TOP, PL, DIFF and friends
  • December 7
    Matthew Gelvin
    Classifying spaces II

  • Surgery references:

    Andrew Ranicki's page is great, particularly the surgery bits and pieces.
    Kervaire-Milnor's classic groups of homotopy spheres.
    If one isn't feeling up to C.T.C. Wall's opus, Surgery on Compact Manifolds then Bill Browder's book, Surgery on Simply Connected Manifolds, is particularly comprehensible.
    Wolfgang Luck's introduction to surgery is available from ICTP.

    Questions? Email John Francis .

    To see last semester's page, on the Galois theory of structured ring spectra, look here: old juvitop.

    Also have a look at the topology seminar and babytop.