Summer reading group on moduli of p-divisible groups



Usual time: Monday 11 am-1 pm EDT.
Date Title Speaker Note
July 5 (Special time: 8-10pm EDT) p-divisible groups and crystals Danielle Wang GMDeform
July 12 Semi-linear algebra, B(G), Admissibility Hao Peng B(G)
July 19 Quasi-isogeny of p-divisible groups Vijay Srinivasan Quasi-isogeny
July 26 Formulation of moduli functors of quasi-isogenies, representability Weixiao Lu Moduli
Aug 2 Formulation of RZ data Murilo Zanarella RZdatum
Aug 9 Local model Ryan Chen Local Model
Aug 16 Examples Murilo Zanarella
Aug 30 p-adic Shtukas Zhiyu Zhang

The book of Rapoport-Zink can be found at this Bonn webpage .