18.204 Undergraduate Seminar in Discrete Mathematics

Spring 2019, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Class time: Tuesday, Thursday, 1pm-2:30pm, Room 2-146
Instructor: László Miklós Lovász
Email: lmlovasz AT (the university) DOT (education extension)
Communication specialist: Malcah Effron
Gradebook/Stellar: http://stellar.mit.edu/S/course/18/sp19/18.204

Course Description

The goal of this class is to read and present papers around Discrete Mathematics, and learn how to effectively communicate mathematical ideas both in presentation and in writing. Each student will give two 35 minute chalkboard talks, write a term paper, and give a 20 minute slide presentation based on their term paper. There will be 4 workshops in total, run by communication specialist Malcah Effron.



20% for each chalkboard talk, 25% for term paper, 15% for the slide talk, and 20% for quizzes.

Attendance policy: If you miss your talk, or miss more than three classes, you will automatically fail the class. Exceptions will be granted for students who have a note from Student Support Services.

Reading material for Thursday (available through MIT Libraries).


(Schedule subject to change)

Tuesday Thursday
2/5 Introduction 2/7 Presentation workshop
2/12 Yinzhan Xu
Charlotte Chen
2/14 Maude Gull
Suchan Vivatsethachai
2/19 No class (Monday schedule) 2/21 Christopher Olson
Elizabeth Chang-Davidson
2/26 Kate Yuan
Hans Li
2/28 Chad Qian
Rayna Gadzheva
3/5 Kushan Tyagi
Dimitrios Konstantellos
3/7 Austin Mayweather
Joshua Xiong
3/12 3/14 Quiz
3/19 Workshop on writing 3/21
3/26 No class (Spring vacation) 3/28 No class (Spring vacation)
4/2 4/4
4/9 4/11
4/16 No class (Patriotsí Day) 4/18
4/23 Quiz 4/25 Workshop on slide presentation
4/30 5/2
5/7 Workshop on peer critique 5/9
5/14 5/16