Some papers and notes on history

  • "Leray in Oflag XVIIA: The origins of sheaf theory, sheaf cohomology, and spectral sequences": .pdf, in Jean Leray (1906-1998), Gazette des Mathematicens 84 suppl (2000) 17-34.

  • "A marriage of manifolds and algebra: the mathematical work of Peter Landweber": .pdf, Recent Progress in Homotopy Theory (Baltimore, MD, 2000)), Contemp. Math. 203 (2002) 3-13.

  • Memorial note on Frank Peterson, with E.H. Brown, F.R. Cohen, F.W. Gehring, and B.A. Taylor, .pdf, Notices of the AMS 48 (2001) 1161-1168.

  • "Daniel M. Kan," .pdf, Notices of the AMS 62 (2015) 1042--1045.

  • "George William Whitehead, Jr" .pdf, a Biographical Memoir of the National Academy of Sciences.

  • A chronology of Algebraic Topology at MIT .pdf.

  • MIT Instructors, 1949--1998 .txt

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